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Photo of Jason and Damita Hartz, owners of Florida Acupuncture and Counseling, Inc.

Our Founders

Introducing Damita and Jason Hartz. Their story starts in 2004 in a sociology class at the University of Florida where they became friends and kept up with each other on social media.  Ultimately, they began dating in 2010 when Jason was researching in Cincinnati for Anthropology while Damita was completing her Masters Program in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling in Muncie, Indiana at Ball State University.  

As their relationship grew, Damita moved back to Gainesville to begin working in the behavioral health field around North Florida in 2012.  They were married in Gainesville in 2013 at the beautiful Thomas Center.  

In 2014, Damita decided to pursue a holistic approach to helping clients and enrolled in the Masters Program at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville.  Then, in 2017 Jason followed her by enrolling at Dragon Rises shortly before Damita graduated and began studying for the

acupuncture board exams while continuing to work in the behavioral health field.  She obtained licensure in Acupuncture in 2018 and began practicing in 2019 when she opened Three Treasures Holistic Care, LLC.


After spending most of 2019 attempting to grow Three Treasures prior to her licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Damita and Jason began working together, with Jason taking on the roles of Office Manager and Claims Specialist - a role he had previous experience with while working as a contractor at the VA in Gainesville.  Together, they started over with a new practice which integrated acupuncture and other holistic modalities with counseling and thus, Florida Acupuncture and Counseling, Inc. was born in October 2019.  The practice continued to grow and by the end of 2020 Jason and Damita realized that a small practice was not fulfilling the needs of the Gainesville community.


In February 2021, Florida Acupuncture and Counseling, Inc. hired its first employee and beginning on March 1st, it became a group practice with 4 new members of its team.  Then, in April of 2021, the practice relocated to its current location, where a new chapter is currently being written.

Counseling Team

Integrative Team

Class Instructors

Administrative Staff

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